Germany's appetite for X-rated stimuli is the envy of the rest of the world. It outpaces the United States's by about 7.7% and accounts for 12.5% of all website traffic. And pornography is no exception. In 2014, Germany was crowned the porno king. URL : How important is the best erotikchat in germany ?  The German government isn't the only institution in the country that has a hand in the censorship of literature. In fact, the Roman Catholic Church is the most powerful censor in modern European history. One of the more interesting and entertaining aspects of the censorship debate is the role played by politicians. For example, it was former Chancellor Helmut Kohl who first pushed for the Gesetz uber die Verbreitung jugendgefahrdender Schriften and Medieninhalte. While the law was passed in 1954, the legislation was not fully implemented until 2003. This means that a large number of books containing lewd content haven't been read by citizens for more than a century. Another important development was the abolition of pre-censorship in 1848. During this period, many erotic literary works were published in the Librorum Prohibitorum, a catalogue of forbidden items. In the 1990s, the censored literature list grew considerably. By the mid-nineties, the Berlin Central Police Office had transferred thousands of 'lewd' publications to the 'poison cabinet' at the State Library. However, the legal system managed to sidestep this issue by defining the porn etiquette of child pornography slightly differently. As a result, there are several labels in Germany that focus on intense hardcore themes, such as German Goo Girls and German Goo Girls, and "home-made" amateur flair.