When choosing a metal garden edging system, consider the quality of the materials used. The raw steel will rust easily if exposed to moisture, while the aluminum will not rust at all. Both are inexpensive and easily accessible, making them an excellent choice for most garden designs. The following are some benefits of each type of metal garden edging. Listed below are a few of the benefits of each type. Let us discuss some of the features of each type of metal garden edging system. Its Highly Customizable Design Means That You Can Create Any Look You Want One of the most appealing features of a metal garden edging system is its durability. Unlike other garden edging systems, this system is extremely easy to install. In fact, it can be easily installed by anyone, even someone without any experience. And despite its simplicity, the steel edging system is also low maintenance, making it a great choice for most backyard gardens. It is also very easy to maintain and doesn't need any special skills to maintain. One of the most popular types of metal garden edging is FormBoss steel. This type of edging is manufactured in Australia and boasts long-lasting durability. The product is guaranteed to last its lifetime, this material is very easy to install and is resistant to rust. Despite the low maintenance required by these systems, they are very affordable and can be used by many people. The two most popular types of metal garden edging are REDCAR steel and galvanized steel.