Founded by a father and son, Alpha Paw is a pet supply company that offers a variety of pet products and accessories. Their products are created with natural ingredients and are designed to improve your pet's health and well-being. They also offer pet training guides and supplements, as well as breed-specific dog food. They also have a charitable foundation that donates meals to local non-profits. Find out : How far should you walk a dog with arthritis? They have a good reputation among their customers. Their products are also relatively affordable. They also offer a 90-day money back guarantee. They have a variety of products including a paw ramp. The PawRamp is a lightweight, foldable dog ramp that is ideal for smaller breeds. They also offer a scratchy ramp for cats. They also sell all-natural dog treats and dog chews. In addition, Alpha Paw has a large social media following, boasting over 1M followers on Instagram. They have received media attention from various outlets. They also host donation drives and adoption events. They also offer a free trial for their ramps. They also offer a dog car safety seat that is made of sturdy oxford fabric. It also comes with two leash attachments. They also have an indoor potty system, which keeps urine away from your pet's feet. They also offer all-natural dog treats and dog chews, as well as litter with health indicators. They also offer calming chews and allergy itch relief shampoos. In addition to their pet products, Alpha Paw also sells jewelry for pet parents. They also sell all-natural dog treats, dog food, calming chews, and a dog car safety seat.